Thursday, March 17, 2011

St.Pat's Day

Well it's St. Patrick's day and I have manages to get rid of our Organ and music to go with it, cleans out the corner of the dining room, if I could persuade hubby to hook up the dish washer there would be even more room in the dining room, (the new dish washer resides in the dining room,can't really use it there.)
The gentleman who picked up the Organ was prepared for it , I was afraid that he might bring a van, but came with a trailer and a flat dolly, and extra help. He was very pleasant and made using free cycle a pleasant experience.He wants to teach his self the Organ, his children are musical. Happy that it goes to a good home.
Mary and I will be going into Prairie du Sac, later this afternoon for a couple of appointments hope to be back by 6:30 pm, makes a full day for me. Saw the specialist today, he told me everything was normal, he expected to see some blood now and than , caused by the radiation treatments I had nearly 13 years ago .Given the same spiel , no heavy lifting (over 25lbs), take breaks if I am doing mopping or prolonged vacuuming. Rest when needed I thought this kind of thing was over ,guess not , he said to expect this for the rest of my life. Hmmm.
I am working on baby blankets for Brooke's son Zachery Tyler and Jacob's son Jared (my sister Kitty's grandchildren)My great-great-grand nephews, I think. Zachery's is being done in Plymouth's yarns Dreamland yarn in a light blue, Jared's is being done in Bernat's Softee baby in blue and white , hopefully they will get them by Easter.
I know , where's Mary's poncho ? still working on it. Well best duck on out and get to the knitting, talk to you later.

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