Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday sunny , why now?

OUCH, well that's a new start to the day, Charlie horse cramps in both legs. Not pleasant, I have been walking Simba since Sunday, had to give it up yesterday cause of the new snow we received, it should be gone tonight.Head issues is not new news, But the migraine is in the 10+ catagory, really get off the computer, hmm it could make my head hurt more, nah, today is a Chinese food day, have headache will eat.Computer , well it gives me chance to be silly a bit and that helps.
 I am so ready for spring, finally thought it was coming fast, till waking up yesterday with it snowing huge , heavy wet flakes, of white.  Now the sun is shining. and the glare off the snow hurts, hopefully we will be back to the lovely mud color soon, Spring means mud, heard cranes talking to each other this morning, and saw Geese flying North, Rob said he saw his first Robin of the year, All good news , 10 days till official arrival of Spring.
On the knitting front , had to rip out three starts for a simple dish cloth pattern, should of been a heads up,that head pain was on it's way, Finally got it going making sure to use markers like the pattern suggested, I was searching frantically last night for my small marker box, finally found it, when Hubby ask what the problem was.Still looking longingly at Mary's poncho. It won't take long to finish it, if I would just get at it. Back to Hubby I said I was missing a small box of stitch markers and he looked at me like I had lost it, well maybe I had, I took everything out of my knitting bag and a couple of other project bags and finally found it in my purse. Don't ask me how it got there, I don't remember putting it there. I have a pair of Irish Lepercauns living here and you just don't know where things will land. The wee folk mess with me during this time of year,  as long as I don't hear a Banshee and see the black coach things are fine.Ducking on out to fix lunch for Hubby . Talk to you later.

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