Monday, July 04, 2011

July 4th, Freedom Day

Thank Heavens we live in a country with a Constitution of Freedom.Some people don't realize how blessed we are.!!

    On another note the up stair's apartment is cleaned and will be totally empty tonight. We washed walls and floors  this week, Whoop-s sill have to vacuum out the kitchen drawers. The cats were taken to the Humane Society, all the shelters around are in the mist of "kitten season" they have a better chance of getting adopted, because they are spayed and declawed.

  Mary has finished tying her quilt, she has to sew the binding down and then it goes out in the mail along with some bobbin lace book marks , the lace shawl is having a timeout ,I have to review YO's I seem to being having trouble with them. Feel silly about that after all the knitting I have done.
   Mary says that she wants to learn how to knit socks. I use dp needles, so we will see what ay she chooses.
Also the colors we will be unique to her , can't wait to see.
   Next Saturday is Knit Cro group on Thursday and Bobbin Lace on Saturday , DH has vacation the week of July 11-15, Surprises abound, we'll see what happens, day trips  believe.
  Fixing Chicken Alfredo for supper with garlic bread and a lettuce salad. Ice Cream for dessert.Smells good in here, (my office is in the Kitchen) trying some Emeril's Italian seasoning on chicken breast I am cooking for the Alfredo. Well got to go clean , hopefully will talk to you later. Ducking on out for now.

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AlisonH said...

Happy Fourth of July!

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