Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday thunderstorms

It's lightly raining , earlier we had rolling thunder and lightening, Charlie Shortino gave us the weather this morning that we had storms coming in on and off today and tomorrow. Charlie is my favorite weather person, he is on Channel 15, NBC, at 4:30AM every morning. Been watching him for a long time now.
   It appears to be a quiet day, so far no hassles, I know it's 8:00am , so nothing much can happen, but you never know.My plans for the day involve cleaning and defrosting the freezer and refrigerator. I need to do some serious grocery shopping on Friday, afternoon , so this needs to be done and it's garbage day so out it goes!
   After that will be some knitting, socks and dish cloths, hats and mittens and one long overdue poncho, that is if I am left alone for awhile. stopping for the morning ,need some breakfast, talk to you later ducking on out now.

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