Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Already ?

Can't believe it is Wednesday, schools starts here tomorrow, both DD's online high school and the local school system. Fall colours are in the local trees, and the last ditch effort at high temps, Charlie Shortino ,( my favorite weatherman) said that we are expecting 90 degree weather for the beginning of school. DD is happy that she doesn't have to leave the house, while the other kids will be sweltering in the school.
   Today is craft day, DD is busy painting and drilling holes, she making a key holder for me, a simple project,but with her embellishments , I keep misplacing my keys so this is her solution. Now, I need something so I don't loose my glasses (at present they are perched on top of my head). Heaven only knows where they will be by the end of the day!
  DD and I have decided to see how many things we can get done by the end of September, we would like to sell some things at the farmer's market, I am thinking dish clothes , pot holders, and fingerless mitts.She is doing Bobbin Lace book marks , dish clothes, and some quilted things.The Sheep and Wool festival is Sept. 9-11, and we will be attending.I think DD likes to go now more , than in the past, because she can actually do some of the crafts, and know what people are talking about.At seventeen I wanted to be a Nurse working In the ER , Mary wants to have her own craft store, handmade things only, things made with a sewing machine accepted.There goes something off the counter, Archie made a daring leap off, I wonder what's going on.?
  Ah , there is the reason, Archie has located that blasted mouse that has decided to make his home under the kitchen stove. The only critter that has the Cats upset.Living in an old farm keeps them challenged and occasionally I receive a "gift". Well leaving off here, time to make DH's lunsh and run it over to him. TTFN.

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AlisonH said...

Bobbin lace! I have never even tried, only admired those who do.

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