Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy day

Well the Breakfast With Santa, didn't happen like I would have liked, Saturday went well with the Rotary, But Sunday with Masons , normally I would of worked, but got down there and preceded to get sick. The new pills the Doctor put me on did a number on my stomach . I came home and went to bed, Mary came home with me, migraine there. According to Hubby we made around $1800.00 for the food pantry and the Veterans hospital, they have to split that.We had some extra food left over and the food pantry was happy to get that.Things are really tight .
   Mary and I making the majority of the Christmas presents we are giving this year, with some books thrown in. Won't tell you what we are making but it's using all of our crafting talents. It's getting late so I am ducking on out I'll talk to you soon.
PS, still looking for camera cable, must have absconded with my MP3 player.

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