Friday, November 25, 2011


The camera cord has been returned, no site of my mp3 player. Mary found the camera cord under her bobbin lace pillow. Pictures soon.
  Thanksgiving was quiet and peaceful considering I was up the night before with upset tummy. Rob's meatloaf came off with out a hitch , it was delicious, he says he has the recipe memorized but we will see the next time he goes to make it.The roast beef was a little tough , will be shredded for hot beef sandwiches.Ham came out good.Everyone was fed well. With enough leftovers to be creative with.
   Green Bay won the football game and naps were taken. I was blessed with having my kids taking care of the kitchen, Rob and Mary wiped dishes while Meg washed them. Meg is my unofficial adopted daughter. (Her mama might not be to happy about that.) Mary and I decided to brave the Black Friday sales , went in the afternoon to Half price Books and to Joanne Fabrics,traffic not too bad,it was busy in the Fabric store but we did get what we needed and left, saved about $132.00 spent around $26.00.Butterick patterns where .99cents
and the coupons helped. We are making  most of our presents this year.
  Well I am off, to try to do some knitting, not so much stealth but sort of, talk to you later, ducking out.

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