Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday eventide

Mary and I did the vacuuming at our job and now,my van has a definite problem, the power steering fluid is leaking like a sieve. One more thing to worry about , Telling Dani tonight that she must get off her duff and get her vehicle licensed and registered,  now. I am taking the van in to get it look at hopefully tomorrow, but will give our favorite mechanic a call in the morning. Still have to go clean some more this evening,helping hubby out. I drather be knitting.
   Knitting , I have a lot to get done in a small amount of time,I have some lovely Lion Brand Homespun , white with a gold thread through it, making a hat or possibly a purse, guess who didn't do a gauge swatch,oops. Some day I"ll learn, obviously not yet.Also some purple Coats and Clark, probably a slouch hat, and than their is Mary's Poncho,Well stopping for . TTFN

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AlisonH said...

Having a favorite mechanic is a wonderful thing. Thank heavens for the good ones, and good luck.

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