Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mouse in the house

Having just got back from playing in the "Susie's the duck day parade" I was greeted by my darling daughter stating that she had two serious problems that she needed my help with, one was a snarl in her waist length hair, where she couldn't reach it and the fact she woke to a mouse in her waste paper basket.It was still alive.
   The hair problem was quickly taken care of, the mouse on the other was dealt with swiftly, efficiently involving a white garbage bag and the outdoors, I didn't want Archie or Simba a chance at the poor thing, I figured it was scared enough. The bag went over the trash can and Mary brought the trash can down stairs , I took it outside and released in the grass, It made a mad dash for the tree line. Hopefully not to make a second visit inside our home. A quick lecture on this is what happens when you forget to take food out of your room and the need to keep things picked up was given, will it work, we will just have to wait and see.
  The craft room is complete, Mary has been sewing in there and I have been doing some knitting,.I am going to duck out for awhile and I'll get back to you soon.

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