Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Blues

Here it is the 25th of August  , 10 days till school starts, Mary's senior year. I feel ancient .Finished up the bi-monthly grocery shopping, and waiting patiently for hubby to get home.
  The little people who inhabit  my home did not cough up my long distance spectacles, therefore sending me to get 2 new pair at Eyemart. I have been buying one prescription long distance pair and one prescription reading pair.. This time I bough two pair of no-line bifocals, one regular, one sunglasses. I figure as long as the stay on my head most of the time I shouldn't lose them. The kids have taken bets on how long this will actual work.Doesn't sound like they have much faith in 'dear ole mom'.
   Still knitting on the baby blanket , I feel as though I have hit that black hole or some type of space, time continuum and have yet to come through to the other side. Doesn't seem to be getting any larger, Could be that I just want to set it aside and knit that sweater hubby got the yarn and needles for.My birthday present. Shades of Tolkien.
  On the music front at least two more parades  , the Cow Chip festival in Sauk City and Fall festival in Wisconsin Dells, it has a Native American name , but I can't remember it. with the Wisconsin sheep and wool festival in the middle , so for the first three weekends in September we will be busy.
  Planning on a side trip down to southwestern Wisconsin just to visit some of my old stomping grounds and show Mary , The university of Wisconsin at Platteville. They have a great genealogical department. the archives go pretty far back.I have used it many times looking for ancestors and new stories. well I am stopping for now ducking on out , dishes are calling to me, as well as the laundry. Take care and keep your powder dry.

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