Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How time flies

August first, the summer has gone by fast.I am savoring the fruits from my garden, a first in a long time.Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and onions have survived the blast of heat we had. also a few small green peppers.I am making some zucchini bread and enjoying fresh tomato sandwiches. will be trying my hand at fried tomatoes too.
 Car problems abound, hubby took his car in last week to get brakes fixed and the radiator flushed, well the brakes was in pretty sad shape, and last night our mechanic had to come pick up the car because the radiator was losing anti-freeze, hubby put a whole galleon in only to watch it go straight through on to the driveway. So it means early mornings for me once again as I run hubby to work, he could take my car , but than he wouldn't get any lunch. I bring him a hot lunch everyday. Kinda got him spoiled and he enjoys having something hot to eat instead of a cold lunch or a trip to the store next door to get deli stuff.
   Our 19th Anniversary is coming up on August 16th. doesn't seem that long, (although hubby says different), we have been through a lot together. We have  a lot to be thankful for many good times ahead.
    The craft room is complete, all the necessary furniture is there. and Mary has been sewing up a storm.I have some yarn to wind into balls and a few books to put on shelves, other than that we are enjoying the space.We got shelves from the Habitat for Humanity store, only to find out it was too tall for the space we had, (sloped roof) so we exchanged it for the book shelf I have in the kitchen for my cookbooks works better and I was forced to go through the books and donate some I don't use or want.Didn't hurt at all, was a gentle reminder that I don't need to buy anymore cookbooks. I am thinking Of going back to bed for a little while, got up at 4:30am to take hubby to work and I have a bad case of the Yarns, here at 6:00am. just an hour should do it. ducking on out talk to you later.

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AlisonH said...

Happy Anniversary! And congratulations on the fruits of your labors; I only got some tomatoes because I hauled the plants inside away from the thieving squirrels who don't even like them but do like to wreck them.

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