Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cold and chilly

 Well good  morning, looks like a cold one today, starting out in the single digits. Not getting very warm at all today maybe sunshine we will wait an see.
 I was suppose to knit yesterday but got a bit of the cleaning bug  and was working on my mess in the living room. Looks a lot better , when your hubby notices it when he comes in the door, you know it was a problem. Few things to do this morning. Might bake some cookies and make soup.Of course there will be knitting.
  Mary  said she was kept a wake my some scurrying  sounds in her room she couldn't see the offender but brought the Archie in for a look see, he sniffed and smelled and was interested so I think we nay have another mouse fatality by the end of the weekend, at least we are hoping.
  Rob has more tests coming up next week, the local clinic managed to loose the factor 5 blood tests he had done awhile ago and also his fasting lipid panel. I am pretty upset with this, they seem more incompetent than usual. Wish I could get him in to see the Docs at the clinic I go to. It's the matter of insurance.
 Packages came in the mail yesterday Rob got the tablet he was waiting for, and Chuck got the "James Bond" movie Sky Fall. We watched the movie , it was good , but in my book nobody was a better "James" than Sean Connery.Sigh, Got to fix breakfast talk to you later.

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