Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Quiet

Early morning, sun not quite up yet I can see it poking through the clouds when I look out my kitchen window. It's a cold one Charlie Shortino this morning ,says the high will be 17 today with periods of sun. Only one day above normal in the coming week and that will be Monday.
  Our Valentines excursion went well, we did a lot of window shopping, found the" golden treasure" a bottom freezer refrigerator- reasonable priced. We will see if it is still there payday. Had lunch out , and a an enjoyable day.
 Along with the good came some "not so good news" Rob has been undergoing testing to find out why he is having memory issues and muscle fatigue, He had a MRI done last week and got the results Wednesday, some time in the past he suffered a stroke,not a mini stroke a full nasty one. According to the Neurologist it was located in the Cerebellum , which I believe is near the brain stem, it is a old one , how much damage was done we will be finding out . Such is life.At least he is here and functioning reasonable well.
 Mary and I have been starting back in getting things ready for the Farmer's Market. I can't wait for spring at least it feels closer now.Well going to fix break fast and hi the knitting and stuff. Oh yes, Mid west alapaca fest is in April, something else to look forward too!. Ducking on out , talk to you later.

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