Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Morning, silence

It's February already, we have had some unique weather here in Wisconsin , the typical snow and sleet and a January thaw, with a high of over 50 and then back in the deep freeze again. Today brings freezing rain , rain and snow. We will see what happens the rest of the week ,the weather man promises a mild week, but what is his definition of mild is a somewhat of a curiosity.
  Of course Valentine's day is this week on Thursday, other than hubby saying we are going out to eat. I have no idea what he has planned, he likes to surprise me, which I appreciate.We sat down together last night and played Scrabble,as usual hubby won , I came in second and Mary came in third. We must play more to get our vocabulary back up and of course it's fun.
  Knitting is down for at least a week as I sliced open my thumb on a piece of broken pottery. No stitches just in an awkward place ,on the inside of my thumb, Among everything I am getting a bad case of cabin fever and mix that with spring fever and wanting to start doing some serious cleaning, I am in a tizzy.I am pretty sure that is why some of my family is avoiding me, as I may want to put them to work on my projects list. Sigh!
  See you soon, ducking on out here in Lodi.

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