Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday blues

It has gotten colder and my joints are not very happy.Neither is the rest of me. It's close to lunch time and DH wants a malt with his hamburgers today.
I have been working on Mary's poncho, it's taking longer than I would like, because I poop out so easily. When the weather settles down I'll be happier.
I hate it when I have fractured thoughts, instead of being able to continue for awhile in one train of thought my mind jumps from here to there and back again. What I think is going to happen is that I am in for a Grand Daddy of a Migraine headache, I have been extremely bitchy, touchy and not a very nice person. Plus the usually physical symptoms , numbness, flashes of multicolored lights ,slurring of speech, nausea and pain. Joy. Sleep please. in a dark cool place, with being nice and toasty, figure that one out.
We need to get our Pumpkin for Halloween, candy, we got awhile ago, I just hid it , so certain people wouldn't get into it. But I could go for a Reeses ' peanut butter cup about now, or a hundred thousand dollar bar. Man, hmmmm.
Well I need to get hubby's lunch going. Talk to you later.


Alison said...

Oh dear, now *I* want... good thing we didn't buy ours yet!


Alison said...

p.s. My hubby gets migraines a lot. Distractions like the aforementioned pumpkin can be a useful thing. (Quietly.)

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