Thursday, October 14, 2010

Too old for ear infections

I am much too old to have ear infections,yet that's what it appears I have,This week has been sort of a pain, spent Tuesday in bed with" the migraine from hell" I woke up Wednesday with it still there. No trip for lunch with my sister. I hate it when I plan things and they get blown out of the water. Here it is Thursday and I have a doc appointment at 3:30, and Blew taking in my meager accumulations of hats and mittens. Tomorrow Mary wants to go to Fort Atkinson, to Nasco to get some drawing pads , cheaper. Neat place for art supplies and anything to do with teaching, huge catalog, ( they even have some weaving looms and yarn )kilns .wood working tools too.
The cats decided that "the food lady" shouldn't have a rest today, and they followed me , running circles around me while fighting with each other. They were using me as a spring board,
At least they are letting me write this, Archie is asleep on top of the love seat and Spazzy has conked out on Rob, for the time being.When Archie decides to jump on you , you know it, he must weigh in at 25-30lbs.
I have another year to get my hat and mitten supply built up. Maybe if I plan a bit better I'll actually get my WIPs caught up. That would make my daughters happy, me too, I guess.What do they say , visualize it, and it will be,will see. Maybe too much visualizing and not enough doing here. AS I reread this I notice the lingering effects (affects) of the migraines, Well off I go to the Docs , will let you know what happens. Talk to you later.

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