Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday cool and sunny

Here it is Tuesday Oct 19, 33 years ago today my oldest was due to be born, she decided to wait another 10 days and drove her mom -to-be crazy. In Kleinlangheim ,West Germany, in the state of Bavaria, I sat and waited for my first child to be born,Scared and alone.Then on October 29, things started to happen, ex went to get food for himself, and I went into labor, Sarah was born at 5:20pm in Wurzburg Germany.6lbs 10 oz. 19 inches long. blue eyes,WE weren't able to come home till after the german holiday weekend.All staints and all souls day and a bank holiday.I think it was like Nov. 4,1977.Such a beautiful baby girl. Man she turned into a spitfire, she is 4'11 and 3/4" and still hand full.and I miss her she lives in Austin , Texas.
On the knitting side I am working on Mary's poncho,still have a ways to go but it ;s looking good. Have asked the girls so far for Christmas list's gotta get Rob's too.Also Breakfast with Santa is coming up like Nov. 20 and 21. seems early this year.That is opening of deer hunting season here.And a good reason I don't like to drive in the country at night , deer.
Well gotta go back to the knitting. Talk to you later.

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Alison said...

Happy Birthday minus 10 days to your oldest!

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