Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, Samhain

I am an Irish American, and today is the start of the Celtic New Year, Samhain or Halloween . Celtic Memory Yarn has a pretty good entry about how the Irish celebrate the day, So far we have had 5 trick or treaters, time 5:58pm . In our little burg T &T goes from 5:00pm to 8:oopm looks like we will have plenty of goodies left over. It is a nice night, not really cold and no snow.
Mary and I took off for a ride this afternoon, we ended up in Madison, going to St. Vinny's first on Odana than over to Willy street. stopped by the new Willy st. coop on university and than on to Willy st. ,the one on university isn't open yet., but the one on Williamson st. you couldn't find a parking space at. Their loss, We came home with 4 cookbooks, from the thrift stores.
Mary knows I like church cookbooks , I told her that those recipes have been tried and they wouldn't be in a church cookbook unless someone liked them.We stopped over at the Frugal Muse book store on the north side, Sherman avenue. She picked up a book on Icelandic myth- olgy and I got one on Irish for $.38 and than we received the frequent flyer discount. It's nice to be able to go into a store and have a clerk recognize you , in a city of Madison. UPDATE 6:33 more than 30 T &T so far. More than we had last year.
Packers won, Vikings lost, poor Brett Farve got hurt.Head injury of some sort.

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