Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday , rain

Well it's dark and threatening out, threatening what? Rain, yahoo!! it's a lot cooler than last week , which makes me exceedingly happy and have perhaps enough energy to actually get things accomplished.
   Scary note , DS was commenting to me on his increased input and out put of water and other beverages, his insatiable thirst, and sudden weight loss, out came the diabetic meter and sure enough his sugar is very high, called Clinic got him and now the wait for the outcome of the tests. I am hoping it's not his thyroid , but am afraid he has Diabetes, so it is a wait and see game.
   We made a mad dash today ,(after the Clinic), into Madison, to the Best Buy store to get said son a new computer, he wanted a Gateway, but came home with a Dell, the one he had in mind wasn't available in either store in Madison. He has been busy transferring files to the new one-----Breaking News---- it is official, DS has Diabetes,  Doctor called. He needs to be seen first thing in the morning, since it's been going for  over two weeks, he doesn't need to be seen in the E.R. tonight we are to push the water and he has to eat a banana, (electrolytes) and take a pill. He will be getting insulin in the morning, and the Nurse's at the Clinic will be giving him instructions , and a meter and such. I will be there , because he  asked, ( would be anyway I am  MOM).
   Having trouble settling down to knit anything, well DH gave some gloves for my hands( thergonomics) helps with the tendonitis , no arthritis, Have been doing a few dish clothes, and started a sock, basic dark grey, Yarn Harlot simple pattern. At the Farmer's Market last Friday Mary and I found a new source of Wool Yarn and Roving, she also sells Lamb meat products.Yorkshire Rose farm from Rio, Wi. Hope to see them this Friday. Well got to get moving, talk to you later, ducking on out.

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