Thursday, August 18, 2011

And I hear a chain saw!

Well yes, the neighbors are trimming a huge tree, The tree service truck is in their yard , We have many large trees in our block , some could do serious damage if a limb fell, or if they were to topple during a storm. There is a variety of Hickory, Walnut, Maple, Red Maple Pine, Apple , Purple Ash, and a Tulip Tree on our block. Some are quite old, our two trees in the front are babies compared some of the senior trees here, we have 2 Purple Ashes, around 20 years or more old.
    Summer is winding down , school starts September 1 and I think DD is ready for it to begin , I have pretty much bored to her to tears. She is antsy, My main theme for the last two weeks was cleaning her room, I threaten to put a bio-hazard sign on her bedroom door, She just smiled , well then came the threat  to take her laptop, that got some reaction, she said she'd read her books , countered with the ability to shut the power off to her room. She finally got busy and was amazed by  the 2 bags of garbage she carried out. Personally I though there would be more. She is not finished yet , who knows what will come out of her room, I was pretty sure she had a secret science experiment  growing in there and she was feeding it peanut butter sandwiches. but I haven't seen a sign of anything when I open the door all appeared to be quiet. Hmmm  
    DH has given her , Her next quilting project a king size "Dragon Quilt", she is deciding if it will be pieced or applique, It will keep her busy,
I am backing knitting again, doing some Christmas projects and some other things we need around the house.
Have to run to the grocery store , so I'll sign off for now, ducking on out , be back later.

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AlisonH said...

I love neighborhoods with big, old trees. They just don't grow quite so big (other than redwoods) in California like they do back home in Maryland; I guess it's the lack of rainforest-level rainfall.

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