Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday , a stay at home day,

This is the first day this week where we haven't been to the Clinic, for DS, he managed to get his sugar down so no need of insulin shots, Thank Heavens. My MOM antenna is still working.  I think no matter what age your child is , you can sense something isn't quite right, no matter what the distance.

   Got news that the company DH works for is giving Flu shots September 12, we will be standing in that line, got them last year and no one was ill with the nasty bugs going around.
   This weekend is Susie's the Duck days, we will be playing in the parade as part of "The Soon To Be Famous Lodi Band" and then maybe gone for the rest of the day, DH's Vacation started at 3:00pm  cst. today, At present he is relaxing watching "Star Trek Voyager" He likes the episodes with the "Q"  character in them. Qyite times for awhile.
   Back to the knitting now, I'll talk to you later,ducking on out.

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AlisonH said...

September--wow, that's early.

And yes, Mom sense can work long distance; I'm glad yours does! Our children need that, even when they don't want to admit that.

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