Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday blues

Man what a day, I had to bug out of taking DH's lunch to him today. And anything else involving leaving the house. My body is acting up doesn't like the meds they put me on.
It is down right chilly here today, when hubby went to work it was 58 and now it maybe 59 if we are lucky, got my iron workers hoodie on now. helps take the chill out of the air. Suppose to warm up by Tuesday of next week.
Real good knitting weather ,may get at the things I need done.Mary's poncho Sarah's blanket and tons of other projects. Awhile go I mentioned that I was going to Organize my knitting needles, well I did, but my pal Archie decided to jump on the table I had them in a box on and knock them kit and caboodle off the table. Exasperation ! at least I was in sound mind when I rubber banded the pairs together, so at least I won't have find pairs again.
The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is next weekend, getting excited, there is so much we want to go and see, Mary is going with me, she wants to get some more roving. Me, I want to see what's new and get a few things . They are selling meat from non-fiber worthy sheep also. There are classes to take but they are so expensive , maybe I am a cheap skate.I like looking at all the booths, I am going to take a break, will be back later.

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