Saturday, September 25, 2010

a full day ahead

Saturday is finally here and I am going to enjoy it , Slight breeze ,partly sunny, high today around 58, can't beat that.
After we do the recycle , we will head out toward the alpaca farm days on Ryan road, then onto Madison to do much needed grocery shopping , a stop at Half Price Books ,which is across the way from Wisconsin Craft Market, yarn of course, just some for sock knitting, something in a quiet solid
Last night I was working a basic generic sock pattern, after and inch I managed to drop 6 stitches in a row and couldn't get them back on the needle properly, Frustrating at the least. Working on a small cream color baby blanket, and Mary's poncho. You know it would be a beautiful day to sit and knit outside, will see, Got to go will talk to you later.

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