Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday , quiet times

It's Sunday evening , it's been a beautiful day, cool and sunny, real autumn weather, our leaves are starting to turn , gorgeous reds, golds and oranges.
Yesterday we went to the Whistling winds Alpaca farm , it's 1.5 miles from here. Now I know where to go to get a alpaca fix. Such beautiful babies, all different colors. whites, brown's, gray's.and some other colors. They had rovings and skirting plus yarn. so soft.
Lots of shopping done we hit 6 stores yesterday, Farm and Fleet for kitty litter, good buy at 80 lbs. of Tidy cat for $10.00 Plus pecans, walnuts and cashews .Half -Price books, got a couple of movies(National Treasures one and two)Wisconsin Craft market for some knitting notions. Then to Sam's for groceries and again to Woodmans, and finally to The Frugal muse Bookstore. Cookbooks. very busy.
Mary has said she would take some pictures of the alpacas for me so that we can put their pictures on here. Going to knit. Talk to you later.

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Alison said...

Oh wow. Alpaca straight from the animals. How would it be!

--AlisonH at

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