Saturday, September 18, 2010

friday, garage sales days

We started out going to garage sales but by the third one Mary and I were feeling not so good Mary had gotten a headache and I just felt bad all over especially my back, not the bones, around the kidneys. Decided to go home and rest by 11:00am I knew something was wrong , my back ache horrible, I was nauseous, and in was having trouble breathing, Called DH and he came from work and took me to the University Hospital in Madison. Kidney infection, spent a couple of hours getting re hydrated and anti nausea medicines plus pain killers. Still not feeling to hot here Saturday afternoon. At least I know why things weren't going well for some time now.
I am going to try to knit some hats for the charity group I've joined. If I can keep my stomach from acting up. If isn't one thing it's another. Talk to you later

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Alison said...

Ouch! I'm sorry! Kidney infections are NOT fun. Get well quickly please!

--AlisonH at

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