Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Tired but happy, DH and I went looking for a new dining room table and chairs, WE found them at the Saint Vincents on Odana in Madison, they don't match each other, but it's a nice combination of old and new. Also found a dryer for the garage, seems like natural gas dryers are hard to find. I finds totaled less than 250.00 for the day , 1 table that has 4 leaves and 8 chairs and a dyer.
Now for a small report on the Sheep and wool festival, We were fortunate to have nice day, we left a little bit before 9 and got there about 10:30 , 5.00 Admission fee, got a half way decent parking space. found the restrooms and then proceeded to the vendor area , Lots more vendors then in the previous year.Some of our favorites, like Susan's Fiber, and Blackberry from Mount Horeb, Sally's Pallet from Mineral Point and lots more, also Ewetopia from Viroqua, . Mary bought some angora and some pretty blue roving to spin plus a cook book, I found the ultra small needles I have been looking for and got a good buy on some Cascade yarn.Stopped at Avol's bookstore, we won't go back.Came home tired but happy.

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Alison said...

Sounds like a very successful day!


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