Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday, did you Vote

What a day, woke up this morning with a dull thud in my head, continually getting worse. Have been sleeping a lot today. Thank heavens my kids are old enough to take care of things. Mary made me a poached egg on toast, and a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea with honey, she knows what to do when I am under the weather with a Migraine. Bob did the driving today, took Mary to the library and brought her home.
When Chuck came home we went to vote, I haven't seen this much traffic in our little town on a voting day in a long time. As usual I had problems putting my ballot in the box,
Received the new Knitpicks catalog today , had Mary circle her favorite colors, we'll see what happens.
Was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog today and one of the commenter's blog showed a picture of where she put her new spinning wheel, she is a mother of young children, she placed it in the bathroom, reminds me how many times that was the only place I could get a break, then little hands would knock on the door, "Mommy , I need you! " Now it's" how long are you gonna be in there," Talk to you later.

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