Sunday, January 02, 2011

Yea it's Sunday!!

Well the Packers won a place in the play offs, they beat the Chicago Bears. That is good news for now.
Mary and I have been working on the purl stitch took her a little longer to catch on but she finally took off , now she has mastered both the purl and the knit stitch,and the stockinette stitch also.
She is taking a break and playing WOW now. I am going to work on her poncho for awhile I told it's fun to sit and knit with friends. She wants me to call Susan from Susan's fiber for a spinning lesson and to call Terri Echer for quilting, she is going to be quite busy for awhile, she has decided to she wants to run a store where only hand made things are sold, she is interested in doing things the old fashion way by hand, not machine made, that's where the knitting and spinning and quilting comes in, she saw the quality of things be made and also the price they are going for, she wants to know how do to the things just in case we need to fall back on these things, we are planing on planting a garden this year and canning and freezing our food this year.Maybe buying a side of beef and pork and some chickens. Will see. Well ducking on out , I'll talk to you later.

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