Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Evening Pain

It's been 2 weeks since I last posted, things have been running pretty normal, or as normal for us.
We all have had our fair share of the "creeping crud" these last few weeks, Chuck has a nasty cold, Rob is having tummy trouble, Mary has had more than her fair share of Migraines and today I woke up with a nasty migraine and a severe case of gout in my left leg. So we are all kind of Grumpy , thank heavens for Spell Check,.
Mary is done with school for the semester she has a week off since she has done her finals already. Letting a teenager be a teenager, she wants to go to the craft store and to the used book stores, she is looking for a bobbin lace making pillow, and thread . and just some good books to read. She completed her Tolkien collection at Christmas.
I am still working on Mary's poncho and a making some dish cloths, need some, Mary wants to have a table at the Local Farmer's Market which open at the end of April, her goal is to sell $20.00 worth of things she has made herself, also maybe some flowers or vegetables that we have grown. We have a awning that we can use, and a table. So all we need is product. I believe the fee is like $3.00 for the day to set up a table. Good deal.
Packer news; look likes we will be playing the Chicago Bears next week, another step toward the super bowl.
Snow tomorrow, like we need anymore, I am ready for Spring , thank heavens for seed catalogs
expecting below zero wind chills this coming week. Ug!! What can I say.
Back to the knitting , best duck out and get something for pain relief, talk to you later.

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Alison said...

Three dollars to set up a table! Wow, you won't find a deal like that anywhere around here. Have fun, best wishes, and good luck to her and you with it!

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