Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday afternoon, no delight.

Stupid songs running through my brain, I hear "sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight", sooo old.
My lapsitter has arrived ,Archie, has determined this is " time to pet the cat " and
get covered in cat hair. Doesn't matter how often I brush him he still sheds. (If you ever get any knitted items from me a little bit of Archie will be there too.) My legs are starting to fall asleep.
Mary rescued me, says he is purring like a motor boat. No knitting currently going on, Mary is knitting me a head band for outside, and I am still working on her poncho. I am going to ask Chuck if I can borrow his camera and post some pictures of what Our fair city looks like in the gray and gloomy winters light. Might try to capture some of the wild life around here. Such as the "Wooly Bear." Known as Robi, and a few other locals.The snow lion known as Simba, BRB gotta make some supper here,

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Alison said...

They used to open for John Denver, what was the name of their band... That song's stuck in my brain now!

My daughter says that every time she hears a grad student say the word "phenomena" the Muppets go off in her head with Manah manah bouncing around with that ph added.

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