Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday night, achoos

Still sneezing away here , nice and toasty sitting in my chair with my lap robe and a warm computer and a happy cat. If we had a fire place it would make a cozy picture cat curled up on the love boy , dog on his pillow both snoozing away hubby in his chair watching tv and drinking his diet orange crush, (should be hot chocolate). Me with my knitting and laptop computer. kids upstairs , one doing home work the other cleaning her room.
Mary has about 20 inches done on her scarf, pretty good, she is using Lion Brand's Jiffy thick and quick, color Claret, using a plain garter stitch. For someone who has been knitting less than a week she is doing very well.
She has a mentor for bobbin lace. She belongs to the Badger lace guild and a larger organization.She is looking to get Mary some help in getting supplies and such.
Than Mary's back to her quilting next week, busy kid. AH yes we forgot the library on Monday's.
Well back to the poncho.... best duck on out for awhile, talk to you later

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