Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, cozy under my blanket

Woke up this morning with a upset hubby, it's not the first time won't be the last, something I forgot to do yesterday .When he called at his usual time this morning he sounded sick, like his cold finally bit hard, we will see if he comes home early. Poor guy!,
Mary found someone In Monona to help with the bobbin lace, person says she has been doing it for 18 years. Yea!! on that.
It's a grey and gloomy day, makes you want to honker down with a larger pot of tea and a good book and do some knitting. Being a MOM on the warpath today , told Mary it's about time to clean your room. Have to do the same with Rob. So those two will be upset with me today. I am ducking out for awhile hopt to talk to you soon.

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