Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday night, after work

Cough , cough , sniffle, Everyone home ill today,still have to work though.
Found somethings I have been looking for , for about 4 years, some tin serving trays, the kind you would have used in the Army, got them at a garage sale 4 summers ago, found on them on the top shelve in the garage in a tub I was getting down for Mary to use. You never know where things will pop up around here.
Mary is still working on my headband, her quilting class got called do to not being able to get up the instructors drive way this morning.Terri called and said it wasn't cleared , it had snowed over night and was slippery.In two weeks then.
Doing laundry, sounds like some of it is done brb. ok lets see what else. Plenty of house work to do before any knitting is getting done, that just isn't right, but we need some dishes and clean towels.
so much to do , so little time to knit. Best stop complaining and get to it, the I can sit and do the knitting, best duck on out and get it done. talk to you later.

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