Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday afternoon -before the game

I am sitting here in my corner in the kitchen, the football game will be starting in about 4 1/2 hours, thinking what to take upstairs with me
so I can get away from the game , knitting paraphernalia, something to drink and eat and maybe a book or too. 3 hours doesn't seem like a long time ,but it is. When I watch the game I scream and yell, and my blood pressure shoots through the ceiling , so I am eliminating the game.
Yesterday I spent 3 hours in the Emergency room with mega migraine, my blood pressure was 169 over 99 not good. The pain went down and so did the b/p. Don't want it high again.
So it will be me vs. Mary's poncho. Mary is saying some Wolfen Rain dvd's. We will see. Going to get some lunch and got to work first see you later. Ducking on out ,Kris.

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