Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday morning busy

Yes, the Packers won the Super Bowl!!, We can now lead normal lives again.
Have many things to do today, phone calls have made and appointments set up and posted on the calender by my desk.
Hoping to go to the Garden expo this coming weekend. Mary and I would like to go and see what's new, and possibly get some advice.
Things to do : laundry, dishes, clean the down stairs bathroom,making supper,fix the vacuum, coupon clipping. Things done:appointments made, about 7 of them, kitty litter box cleaned, cardboard removed from porch and recycled , pops can placed in large black bag and stashed in the garage, lunch made, living room picked up and menu's planned for week.Doesn't seem like much but with everything done there was 2 or more things associated with it.
Wouldn't be nice to have a maid or a house that cleaned itself ?
We are experiencing a few snow flurries, I am wondering when I am going to get a chance to sit down and knit with out being interrupted to finish something up.
I am at the point where I understand that bumper sticker "I knit so I won't kill someone" I am bouncing off the walls, well that's it for right now II am bouncing on out for awhile . Talk to you Later.

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