Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday morning Sun?

Welcome to Wisconsin, ouch, it's darn right nippy put this morning, lots to do.
They (the weathermen) are talking temps in the upper 20's today with a few snow flurries, with sun shine this morning and clouds this afternoon, Temp now is -7.

Mary finished her first quilt project , looks very nice and I'll be putting a picture on soon, has fall colours in it.She is going to go through G-mas fabric stash in the attic, maybe we will find some neat things. G-ma is a pack rat and I can't ask what's up there as she has Alzheimer's to the point where is aphasic(no speech). Very sad.
Today I am working on my desk area, I would post a picture but I am a little embarrassed, quite messy at this point finding things I forgot I lost.
Well ducking out for now will be back a little later

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