Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday afternoon, waiting patiently?

Here it is Feb .1st . And what am I waiting patiently for, a new camera. Hubby order it from Amazon and called me this morning to be on the watch out for a package, gave me the routing number, and instructions to call the Post Office , because it was suppose to be on the truck today. It didn't come in the regular mail , called the post office and they said it might be on the speedy truck at 1:30 this afternoon, will see. What does this camera mean, it means at, least to me that I can start putting pictures on my drab little blog and show the world what my humble little corner of Wisconsin looks like.oh, yes and pictures of my knitting projects and Mary's crafting. She has made to head bands now , one for her and one for me, came right in time , because we just had 5 inches of snow last night and are expecting much more this evening and tomorrow . I can hear the wind picking up now, and I am not looking forward to going out in it this evening, we have to clean tonight, at least we don't have to leave town.
Progress on the Poncho has come to a halt , hurting hands and having an urge to do some much needed house cleaning has something to do with it. As of now I have cleaned out the refrigerator,and nothing to nasty was growing inside, I had a couple of spills of barbecue sauce, nasty sticky stuff.
Back to the knitting,I guess I had better get at it again now , I always feel calmer when I have been knitting, kind of need it now, Well best duck on out for awhile, talk to you later.

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