Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesay, oh what a beautiful day!!

Doing some much needed cleaning, wiping down the walls cleaning the front door and trying to wash the screen door window, so not working.I can't get the window off the screen, it used to work but isn't now. Grrr! got the vacuum to work the belt slipped. thank heavens it didn't break.Makes me feel better to see things cleaned and shining, the sun helps too. DD isn't fond of bright sunlight , but I need it to get going.
    Tomorrow we are meeting Becky at the Culver's in Spring Green. Then on Thursday , a trip to Portage and Mary has quilting at Terri's. Unfortunately  the weatherman is predicting back in the 40's for a 4-5 day stretch I really don't like that, I am happy Spring is here and I can have the windows open and such.
    No knitting here for a little while till I get a handle on this housework. I will be ducking out to terrorize the dog , with the vacuum . Poor thing! Talk to you Later.

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