Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What do you mean"SNOW"?

Ah come on now , we have enough of this winter stuff , how about some more warmth and sunshine, Warm rain not so bad but snow, please reconsider.
   Tuesday morning and I still have a bit of a migraine I want to sleep so bad, I may bug out and take a nap.As of this moment Mary is at the Dining room Table doing school work, and the snow is coming down at a pretty fast clip, starting to stick now. Easter egg hunt is this weekend , maybe, I haven't seen flyers up or anything in the local paper. Hubby gave it up after almost 20 years of doing the work for it(family effort) so I am a little concern if this things aren't being done.
    Short and mixed up, thoughts are random hurts to think, man, this headache stuff is for the birds and who ever wants it. I'll be back later.

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