Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bang,bang ,bang is that my head, oh it's the next door neighbor getting a new roof

Long title, buts that' what is happening today, our back yard neighbor is getting a new roof put on their home,seems the previous owners let things slide in a major way,we will be having a young couple moving in there as soon as it is fit for habitation again.
   We will be adopting Cathy's cats at least one of them, Sneezers is older and has no claws what so ever.(who in there right mind would do this to a cat) she seems to get along with everyone, introducing her to our clan will take some work Archie has been staring at her through the door like OH Boy someone to terrorize ! I am praying that's not the case. Babbitt isn't real people friendly, she hisses at hubby but talks to me and rubs up against me,( I think she knows who is in charge of food and kitty litter, better make nice with her.) The cleaning will commence in the for mentioned apartment Later today , or more likely tomorrow. I am having a a stress relief  headache, those are the ones that come after  a period of constant stress is resolved and you can relax again seems like it shouldn't happen but the poison released in to the system from when the muscles relax does it to you. Food isn't my friend today.
   Mary's taking a break from school work and playing a computer game, she tends to like those that requires serious thinking as to creating a world and populating it andgetting into the details of making it work.I drather read a book or knit. Just read somewhere , that people who listen to up beat or peppy music and watch upbeat movies and TV tend to solve things easier, than those who tend to not.hmmm. 
  Well, tomorrow starts the beginning of the yard sale season , Lodi is having it's Spring City Wide Garage sales. Treasures abound , I'll let you know what booty we find. Also the first farmer's Market too!  Best duck on out and drink my tea, talk to you later.

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