Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garage Sales

Mary and I got a good start this morning we had planned out our route and was up early to get going on it, The weather had other plans, wet , slightly windy and down right cold,Some sales didn't open as scheduled, due to the weather we did make to quite a few though, There is 105 listed in the area ,this year it seems most will be on Friday and Saturday, I picked up four teapots of various sizes, some hickory nut meats, a tupperware measuring cup with lid , a pastry sheet some tee shirts and some hooded sweatshirts, and books, a few ice packs also.
  The drama continues, some people have to learn to let go of their pride and accept help.
 unfortunately I have enough anger for a couple of armies. when you tell someone they can have something and they sneak things and give defiant looks. It sure doesn't help. Enough for tonight. ducking on out , talk to you later

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