Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday, storms on the way?

Okay, so where is the rain,? oh , Later you say. Will see. Friday means grocery shopping and bill paying , the earlier the better.I'll be in Madison by 8:00am, hitting Sam's and the Woodman's grocery store, then home to the Lodi Sausage Co. ,for some decent ground chuck, I made the mistake of buying some hamburger from the local grocery store and thought I was getting a good deal, "Let the Buyer be Ware" comes to mind and also "If it looks to good to be true, it probably is ,rotten" In this case the meat was stringy and hubby had a hard time eating it and the dog wasn't thrilled with it either.So I will apologize to our butcher and tell him I will not let a "better deal" lead me astray , again.
   I finished the main body of the first baby blanket I am knitting, and have started the edging on it. Working on Mary's Poncho and Dish clothes. Keeping my hands busy.
    Mary had her first Bobbin Lace lessons with Verna last Saturday. The lesson lasted 3 1/2 hours, Mary picked it up quite easily, we are going to Fort Atkinson this Saturday for a Lacers Guild meeting. I can sit in the corner and knit while they make lace. Mary was gifted with a lace making pillow and some bobbins, this pillow has a history, I believe it was owned by Verla's mother and she wanted Verla to pass it down to a "Young person" and Verla Picked Mary. Mary found Verla on Madison Free Cycle, we put a request in for lace making supplies . Verla says she usually just glances through the site when she saw Mary's request she flipped, when Mary replied to her post, and she found out how old Mary was , she was ecstatic , she call her bobbin lace people and said she had a new pupil , Mary had her first lesson with Verla's niece who is a Sophomore in college,majoring in Ceramics arts.
     Next week  is busy,  Wednesday we  will be seeing Becky, about 11:00am and have lunch in Spring Green at Culver's , Beck has some pictures and such for me, she has going through her mom dad's things and found somethings that she thought I might like to have. I lived with my sister, her mom, for 4 years after our parents died. She was my guardian, till I hit 18. Then we have an appointment in Prairie du Sac. Thursday we have to be in Portage at 9:30am. Enough said about that.
     Well I know I haven't been keeping up like I should,blame Facebook,I got hooked on a game,  Well I finally got a handle on that and hopefully will be back to normal.Will be ducking on out. Talk to you later I promise.

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Alison said...

Oh, that's so cool! Congratulations to them for finding her and her for finding them!

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