Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny Sunday

The wind is blowing , and it's nippy out but the sun is shining I am happy about that, the week ahead isn't very promising but will wait and see.
   We managed to get rid of 2 old refrigerators, a freezer, a stove , and a wash machine this morning that was taking space in our garage , a gentleman stopped by the house yesterday looking at the stove and refrigerator that was sitting by the dumpster in our driveway,(major throwing away happening here) and asked if he could take them, sure why not , I asked what he was going to use them for and he said scrap, Ok that's all they are good for and told him I have a few other things he could have. He came and took them away this morning, normally the person who does this for us, charges us something to take stuff away, this gentleman did not so we were both blessed. The garage is getting cleaner and I like the feel of not so much clutter, who knows maybe we will be able to get a car parked in there one day soon.
   Thursday was a windy rainy day, I went to Portage to go to Court to finish up the Eviction proceeding for my arch Nemesis . I had to get a Writ so the Sheriff can escort her off the property, hopefully things will be done by Thursday April 28,2011. Things hopefully will start to be normal again, not so much tension in the house , at this point I have a 10+ MIGRAINE. Those happy, sad face scales don't seem to do my headache pain justice , I want to do more than have tears run down my face.
   Mary's Bobbin Lace has taken off , she is doing quite well, her mentor is pleased at her speed on picking this up.She has gotten further along on her Lace shawl and her quilt is holding steady. On the other hand things have come to a stand still for me, no progress on anything , head hurts too much , I just want to sleep,
This week should be better, At least that's what I am hoping. Easter is this coming weekend and I think we are going out the Claddaugh Pub for Easter Brunch. Sounds good to me.!
   Stopping now to fix snack for hubby, he and Mary are playing Frisbee on the PS3. Mary is beating him. She is good at it. Ducking on out  Talk to you later.

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