Sunday, November 28, 2010

early sunday morning

Here it is early Sunday morning, 2:03AM, Can't sleep ,worry seems to keep me up now. I am feeling angry, and could just scream, same person I have been upset at for the last 6 months. The apartment is getting filthier by the day, I feel no one cares but me and the kids.Hubby is stressed out, also working hard . Working to try to keep the house cleaner. But the smell from the apartment just makes me so angry, mad, upset, teed off,and a few phrases I shouldn't use. I tried knitting to calm be down but I don't want the person who is to receive this, to feel my anger and frustration about the situation we are in. The Serenity Prayer comes to mind now, but I am having problems letting go. A good Irish curse comes to mind also, more on that later. Got to a drink of water, talk to you later.


Alison said...

If it helps any: sometimes it is a blessing to have a husband who doesn't mind when there's a mess, than than one who is hyper-critical about it.

Alison said...

(That was supposed to say rather than.)

Dad said...

Do you think this Kitty Kat obsesses about having every word correct?


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