Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday afternoon

We had a very good thanksgiving, family and friends, Chuck ended with his day off cold, seems when he has time just to sit and relax he gets a cold. go figure, so for the next few days I am going to knit I have a lot to do. Plenty of left overs to feast off of , so the kids can fend for themselves.
The cats loved the turkey, and Archie refused to share with Spazzy, she responded by having a hairball attack under the dining room table , sure makes life interesting around here,Working on a Poncho , made with Bernats Solo-discontinued- in a Checkers colorway needs 11 balls, working it on Knit Picks size 15 24" circulars, free pattern from label, has a collar and a cuffs. Also doing a hat in Hobby Lobby's Love This Yarn ombre color your guess is as good as mind , blues grays browns and wine colors together kinda pretty, this to start. Might help me if would look at the brand How can I look at Bernat and think Patons, I have a large stash, not as big as some but enough to keep me busy. Time for some leftovers, mmm pumpkin pie. See you later.

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