Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday ramblings

The next time we rent out the Apartment above the garage, I'll make sure that the potential renter knows to keep the place clean. I am no angel about keeping my house spic and span, but it's not half bad. I am still upset, just bidding my time ,till she is gone. Grrrr!!!!
Busy , busy week, appointments and a concert tomorrow night, and then we go see Glen Beck on Thursday, finishing the week with Mary's junior class meeting on Friday. A hopefully quiet weekend and plenty of rest, we have a nasty cough and cold here, some rest and plenty of fluids and we hope it will be gone.
On a new note , a new Chinese restaurant is opening tomorrow, King Wok, looks like a chain. It has to compete with Waunakee's China Wok,not a chain.Rob and I are looking forward to trying it out.
Back to knitting, still working on Mary's Poncho and a hat. Slowly I go, like a turtle. Well off for a cup of tea. Later

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Alison said...

And if you take your knitting with you, an hour later, you'll need to make another project. (One way to speed up the holiday knitting.)

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