Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday gloomy

Sunday afternoon, I really feel like curly up with a good book and some hot chocolate, but that may not happen for awhile .I have dishes to do and laundry to fold and have supper to figure out.
I manage to cut my right hand on the mandolin I used on the vegetables I cut for the beef stew we had on Friday night, I cut my middle finger and the outside of my hand by my little finger, still a little sore. We had some corn bread with the stew, first time I've made cornbread in my iron skillet, turned out to be pretty good. I used Alton Brown's receipt for cornbread made with cream corn. It was very simple, and very good.
Hubby is watching the Viking's vs Bears game, at this time the Bears are head 20 to 13. Mary is doing school work and so is Robi. We did our cleaning job earlier today. Another touchdown for the Bears. When I get done here ,maybe a little knitting, just remembered we have packets for the local schools to get ready, Breakfast with Santa information, it's this next weekend, this year has gone so fast.
So little time, so much to do.Fighting with a migraine, too much pain to deal with , need a nap, well there goes what I wanted done. Talk to you later.

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Dad said...

Perhaps if you used a knife to cut vegetables instead of a mandolin, you'd have better results.

Just sayin'.

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