Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poor Baby !!

Spazzy is in heat, and driving the rest of us buggy with meowing, she'll crawl in my lap and be quiet for awhile, then she is off again , Rob doesn't want her spade as he is afraid she'll end up like Kara, a real bitchy cat, who didn't like most people. Poor baby , the last time she was in "heat" was over a year ago, so we have been real fortunate.
We have been getting ready for "Breakfast with Santa", it will take place Nov. 20-21. Next week will be hectic , as well as the last part of this week, so far we have postered the city of Lodi, next it will be the schools and the churches. Then the shopping for breakfast on Friday, and decorating and setting up the kitchen on Friday night, Then early Saturday morning Chuck and I go in to start the grill and coffee and he sets the signs outside and gets ready to take pictures of kids and families with Santa. I helped get the food going in the kitchen. usually the Rotary kick me out when the get up to speed. Since I'll be back later to get ready for Sunday, which the Masons do and I am needed there more, That's when the rest of the family will help out Rob does cooking and Mary cracks eggs and helps clear tables and I go where ever I am needed. This year Meg may help.
We have been doing this since 1993, first with Jaycees then with the masons. the money that is made goes to the food pantry and the Disabled Veterans at the Veterans hospital in Madison. I am taking a small knitting project with me just in case I get put taking me this year, last year I was bored a bit maybe I can put a few pictures here . Mrs. Santa is giving away 2 American Girl dolls and some other things . And the Thanksgiving.
I am hoping to have a nice Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings , now that I have new dining room table and chairs.

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