Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday night

It's snowing have about 2 inches so far and it's a light and fluffy snow temp around 26 f. No wind so that's good news, However I have heard the word drizzle being batted around. Rob has a had a pretty good birthday Mary and I got him books that he wanted, and Meg has gotten him something but I am not sure what it is.
My head is still hurting, I am not certain why,I have some frustration still with the gal over the garage. and the sunlight on the snow is not a good thing.( Farve out of football game ,head injury.)Maybe Chinese for lunch tomorrow as I have a headache already and we aren't cleaning tomorrow night. Might as well enjoy it.
Got to fix so snacks for hubby and then call it a night, watch" Good Eats" with Mary at 10pm. Ducking out for the night, talk to you later.

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