Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday headache again

So what is new? other than I haven't posted for a week, sorry, if you have been reading. It's been a busy time here at the Phipps house, between cleaning, working and having appointments we have been running pretty steady. This coming week sees two appointments , one for Mary and one for me. Mary 's is a short one , mine is the yearly cancer check, (going on 12 years now.) Mary's is to have a medication review. Chuck is taking her out Wednesday afternoon to see Tron at the 3-d movie screen in Madison, That day I am going to the other side of town to see Margrete Staub, the Oncology Radiology PAC. This is our 10 year mark.
I need to pick up a couple of things from Michaels while I am in the city. Want to go to Joanne Fabrics also
" THE PACKAGE" came in the mail on Friday, I missed it, Chuck found it on the front steps when he came home. I got a quick feel to know that is made of cloth, feels like fleece, I have a feeling it's those Scooby Doo Pjs he has been threatening me with, the ones with the feet in them, good gracious, a 53 years old wearing feet pj's. just as long as there is no trap door in the back.He is having a good time giving me "clues", He took what ever it is to work with him, says he showed it to George and Cory and they want to order"it: for their wives,Yes , I am curious.
I need to get some "things " for Rob's and his birthdays, both are this week, Ron turns 30 on the 20th and Chuck turns 51 on the 23rd. Cheese cake for one and a white cake with chocolate frosting layer cake for the other.We do binary with the candles.
I wish I could get his curiosity built up over something. All well, time to duck out and get a bite to eat and something to get rid of this headache, nice warm shower, perhaps, see you later.

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